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Advance listen! Just one of the selections from "Henry's Hideaway", our latest project, recorded at 25th Street in Oakland. Gabe Shepard's engineering has given this record a beautifully warm, vintage, 1950's club ambience. Kathleen Salvia vocals, Henry Salvia piano, Alex Baum bass, Kent Bryson drums, Russ Gold percussion.

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They call their music Ameri-kinda, as their tunes repeatedly stray over the Americana border, blending country, pop, blues, beatnik jazz, swing, and old hippie influences. Songwriters Henry (piano, accordion, vocals) and Kathleen Salvia (vocals, acoustic guitar) can be seen around the SF Bay Area as a duo, or  frequently as a full troupe of  talent including David Phillips on pedal steel, John Pearson on percussion, Dave Golia on bass,  and Ken Owen on drums. 

With the release of “Henry's Hideaway", however, they stuck their necks out and made a commitment to be Jazzier than usual for just this once.  It's worth a listen!  Ask Siri or Alexa or your kids to stream The Flying Salvias Henry's Hideaway---the entire project is on Spotify, Apple Music, You Tube, etc.

Henry's Hideaway is Real!  

We had a little time off with some big trips, managing to collect Covid as a souvenir. So after cancelling the gigs we have this week, I'm happy to at least I'm out of bed and sitting up at the computer now to update you on "Henry's Hideaway".  Both the CD and LP are now in our hands and also downloadable from our website and all the streaming platforms, but you probably already know that. It's also going out to lots of radio stations in the next week or two and we are extremely grateful to Dennis McNally for helping us reach the people we need to reach.

But wait, you can hear a preview of our quartet playing it live at Bird and Beckett Books and Records in SF on Saturday July 13 at 7:30 p.m. Heck, maybe we'll make it a quintet to perfectly match the instrumentation on the record. For now, Henry and I will be joined by Alex Baum on bass and Ken Owen on drums. I keep telling people it's a departure from our usual Ameri-Kinda fare, because we have let a teeny bit of jazz tell us what to do, but it could also be considered just a stop along the way in our relentless search for perfection (OK, Henry's), a refinement of a couple of songs we've previously recorded (mine), and/or a revelation of yet another face in our Sybillian personality...definitely something new, anyway!

Expect a jazzy supper club, 1950's kind of sound and ambience.  Being us, the music and lyrics themselves still wander around whatever was obsessing us when we wrote the song, and continued to obsess us or we wouldn't have spent so much time and money producing the thing.  Why lie? 

There is one song we didn't write and it's a real highlight:  is Maurice Tani's "Take Me With You When You Go Too Far" which I think every female singer I know wants to make her own, and frankly, I believe Pam Brandon already has.  When I first heard her sing it I just knew I had to um, "borrow" it. For a little while. Or forever. Or maybe we can share. Maurice said it's OK.

Another is Henry's crooning "Almost Hear Your Voice".  It's heartbreaking. It's not about me, because I would never break his heart that way, so a pox on her and any other hers that did.   It's pretty gorgeous though.

This is way too long. Come to Bird & Beckett!  July 13, 7:30 p.m.  Covid will NOT be in the house.

All About Henry's Hidewawy 

Henry's Hideaway will be officially released mid-July!  Meanwhile, we have pre-release downloads from this website.   We'll be playing the album at Bird & Beckett  in SF on July 13 with Ken Owen on drums and Alex Baum on bass. Later in the year, on September 21 at Mildred Owen Concert Hall in Pacifica, we'll be doing a dual record release party for Henry's Hideaway and Ameri-Kinda (which will be released in September). Meanwhile, here's a little more info about Henry's Hideaway:

We hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we did making it.  I have to admit, this is possibly the first record I've ever made where I'm actually happy (Kathleen speaking here - whoever knows what Henry is thinking!)

Peace and love,

Henry and Kathleen
The Flying Salvias

April Shows and Digging in the Dirt 

Hello Sageheads!

April means the arrival of our new Henry's Hideaway  CD (the vinyl will take a couple more months to get here), the final mixing of AmeriKinda and a few fun shows.  

Also, beans taken from our plants a few years ago in Brisbane were recently discovered in a coffee cup in our Petaluma cupboard.  We planted them and they are growing!  Though we got them kind of mixed up, we'll know what we have when they actually turn into beans.  The bet is 90% 2 kinds of Fava, 10% Kentucky Wonder.  We also have some volunteers: 1 tomato plant, and 3 baby corn stalks (unless they turn out to be weeds).   The solar vibration things seem to be scaring away the gophers though anyone walking by will think their phone is ringing. One potato plant may survive.  Also, diatomaceous earth is my new best friend.  

Speaking of food, we are loving doing our dinner duo thing the first Thursday of every month at Roxx on Main in Martinez, but since it's mid-April, we'll have to take a whoops on that one and say we'll be there on May 9, 6-9 pm

In the North Bay, come on out to HopMonk Sebastopol for locals Wednesday, with our North Bay Wingmen (Sean Allen, Dave Jess, and Russ Gold) on the 24th, 5:30 - 8 pm.  

In the East Bay on Thursday April 25, 6:30 - 9 pm, don't miss Henry playing in a piano summit with Aemonn Flynn and Greg Rahm at Lucca's in Benicia. 264 keys at once!

Down the coast,  join the usual mayhem of the Orkestra at San Gregorio Store on Sunday April 28, 2 - 5 pm.  Joining Henry and Kathleen are the usual suspects David Phillips on steel, Ken Owen and John Pearson on drums and percussion, respectively, and Dave Golia on bass.

That's it for now!  We have to go back to trying to figure out the order of songs for the Ameri-Kinda CD. 

See you soon!

Kathleen & Henry

PS Kathleen wants to give a special shout out to the Kehoe-Sikes Syndicate for letting her sing Judas Priest's Breaking the Law with them at Lucca's the other day.  Highlight of my life!  Truly. 


Helloooo Sageheads!

Guess what? Henry's Hideaway is heading off to the manufacturer!  In 3 months we should have 100 LPs, yes, regular old 12" records, and a bunch of CDs.  It's a jazzy little record, though we hesitate to call it actual jazz. Actually we don't know what to call it…. maybe alt cabaret?  Anyway, it's not what you'd usually expect from us. We think. It 's got a couple redux new and improved numbers on it, one gorgeous Maurice Tani tune, and several new tunes written by us, some of which you have never heard.  Eight tunes in total.

For now, we hope you will join us this Thursday, March 7 at Roxx on Main in Martinez for our dinner duo thing 6 - 8 pm, or Sunday March 10, 2 - 5 pm at San Gregorio with the whole band, and hopefully, sunshine!  And if you're in the North Bay, please come for our duo debut at Aqus Cafe (at the Foundry Wharf) in Petaluma on Friday March 15 from 6 to 8 pm.

See you soon!

Henry and Kathleen


Hello Sageheads!

January went by so fast! So, Happy February everybody! We wish you all a year filled with love, peace, good health, fun, and music.

At long last, our records are in the mixing stage and we expect to have something in our hands to show you in a few months.  First, we will release Henry's Hideaway on LP (these tunes really want to be heard off of a turntable) and CD. The other half of the project, Ameri-Kinda, will follow on CD.  Of course, it'll all be available by streaming because that's just how they do it these days.

But why wait?  Come see and hear us in person! We’ve got some shows coming up in February and March around the Bay Area. We’re also happy that in April, we’re going to be back at HopMonk in Sebastopol with our North Bay Wingmen. Also in April, Henry will be meeting with fellow pianists Greg Rahm and Aemonn Flynn for a rare Piano Summit at Lucca’s in Benicia.

Thursday February 1 & Thursday March 7    6 to 8 pm 
Dinner with the Salvias Duo
Roxx on Main  627 Main St    Martinez
No cover.  Tasty tunes accompanied by terrific food.
Call (925) 370-7699 for reservations

Sunday February 4 & Sunday March 10    2 to 5 pm
Afternoon Delight with the Orkestra
San Gregorio Store  Hwy 84 & Stage Rd
No cover.  Excellent libations, special entrée every day
Inside or outside depending on the weather

Friday March 15  6 to 8 pm
NEW!  Join the Salvias Duo in Petaluma
Aqus, The Foundry Wharf
No cover. 
Excellent food and community hang out

Join Us! It’ll be great to see you!

Peace!  -  wouldn't it be great if just saying it would make it so?

Henry and Kathleen Salvia

Yesvember, December Greetings! 

Dear SageHeads - 

We have been in the recording studio quite a bit lately, and it turns out we're going to have enough to do 2 separate collections. We need 2 because it has become apparent that we have a split personality.

The Flying Salvias: Ameri-kinda will consist of just that - sort of Americana, not really roots music but country, folk, rock, old hippie influenced, with a bit of kitchen sink thrown in. 

The Flying Salvias: Henry's Hideaway will be full of tunes brushing up against jazz, old nightclub, art, and alt-cabaret (if there wasn't such a thing before, there is now!) Think of it as Act One to Henry's Hideaway: The Musical.  

The talent line up spreads out across both collections - Besides Henry and Kathleen - Alex Baum, Kent Bryson, Russ Gold, Dave Golia, Travis Jones, Mark Karan, Chris Kee, Ken Owen, David Phillips, and Glenn Pomianek, among others. Next, we're bringing in Sean Allen for a guitar spot only he can do.  There's a trio soul ballad with Kathleen, Keta Bill and Loralee Christensen that scorches the paint right off the walls, it's so hot!

Coming up this week is our first club gig up here in Sonoma County - kind of a last minute thing or I woulda told you sooner, but we'll be at Hopmonk Tavern in Sebastopol on Wednesday November 29 in the Abbey Room from 5:30 to 8:00 pm.  Initimate, fun, with Sean Allen on guitar, Dave Jess on bass and Russ Gold on traps.  Come on over!

Of course, the first Thursday of every month finds us at Roxx on Main in Martinez, which means December 7 Henry and Kathleen will be doing their Dinner Duo thing from 6 to 8 pm.

Saturday December 23 will be our holiday blowout/office Christmas party at San Gregorio Store, 2 to 5 pm.  A perfect place to celebrate the season and also to shop for some pretty creative gifts.

Hope to see you soon!  Peace to all.

Kathleen (and Henry, too)

October Will Be Awesome 

Dear SageHeads, Old Friends, and New Ones:

We are looking forward to a special matinee concert on Sunday October 15 at The Lost Church in Santa Rosa. Most of you are friends from our Coastside hangouts, but we want to invite you to The Lost Church, which is an excellent, intimate, listening room. You can even make a weekend of it in Santa Rosa, with discounts being offered at ArtHouse Hotel and Hotel e: use code TLC when booking for 15% off, free valet parking, and indoor secured parking.

The Flying Salvias and Springhouse in Concert: Together and Alone will feature the Flying Salvias with Henry on keys and vocals, Kathleen on vocals and acoustic guitar, David Phillips on pedal steel, and Chris Kee on bass.  Springhouse features: Jane Selkye, vocals and guitar; Chris Kee vocals and bass; David Phillips, pedal steel.  We'll mix things up a little between us, too.  

It's going to be a one-of-a-kind show, with lots of gorgeous, fun, poignant, thoughtful, and intelligent original music completely obliterating the borders of Americana. This show will be particularly special because Springhouse is back in town and will be sharing the bill.  There's a lot of history between the members of both groups, from Houston Jones to Metallica. 

Best wishes to everyone who reads this!
The Flying Salvias aka Those Effin' Salvias

Graphic and aka courtesy of Maurice Tani



September with the Salvias 

Hello SageHeads!

Wow. September is already busy between recording at the fabulous 25th Street Studios in Oakland, and a concert coming up with Maurice Tani on September 23, we are pretty happy campers. 

We continue our community work playing once a month at Petaluma's Adult Day Care Center and Muirwoods Memory Care. In November, we'll start monthly visits to Alma Via in San Rafael.  It means a lot to us to continue this work. It's a humbling and very moving experience  to play our music to the people who might have been our parents, and as we're no spring chickens either, they could be us, or our little sisters and brothers.  

Saturday, September 23 Maurice Tani has invited us to open for him at St. Cyprian's Episcopal Church. It will just be Henry and myself, doing that duo that we do so well (ha ha). Maurice is one of the Bay Area's premier singer/songwriters and we are honored to share the stage with him. Tickets are $20 in advance online and $25 at the door. Get your tickets online here:

The day after, September 24, we'll be at our “clubhouse”, San Gregorio Store from 2 - 5, if you're in the mood for a Sunday drive.  For us, it's a 2 hour drive from Petaluma, but the drive to San Gregorio is always one we look forward to.

October 15, we're going to be at the Santa Rosa Lost Church for a Sunday matinee again, this time with our friends SpringHouse.  We'll be sharing Chris Kee on bass and David Phillips on steel, so it's kind of a “Together and Alone” theme.  And Kathleen is particularly excited that Jane Selkye will likely add some of her magic to harmonies on a Flying Salvias tune or two. 

We wish you all the best of everything! Especially peace, love and happiness.

Kathleen and Henry

Flying Salvias Soar Into Summer 

Hello Sageheads!

Summer that isn’t acting like Summer, is it?  Nonetheless, WE are acting like it is summer and looking forward to some shows we think you will love. Hope to see you soon!

Peace and Love, Kathleen and Henry

Sunday, July 2, 2 – 5 pm   The full Orkestra! 

San Gregorio Store  Hwy 84 & Stage Road

Henry – piano and vocals

Kathleen – vocals, guitar

Dave Golia – bass

Tim Orr – drums

John Pearson – percussion

David Phillips – pedal steel


Thursday, July 6, 6 – 8 pm     Dine and Dig Us Duo

Roxx on Main

627 Main Street, Martinez

Reservations Recommended!



Tickets on sale NOW for:  

Sunday, August 6, 4 - 7 pm

The Flying Salvias Quartet & The Sound Field

Elbow to Elbow at Last

Tickets on Sale Now!  

Use code: earlybird6 at checkout to receive a $3 discount off ticket price. Expires July 30




Join us for a very special evening celebrating our 2024 releases, Henry's Hideaway and American-Kinda. The two collections of tunes vary their focus from the jazzier beatnik art song side in set one to cross the line over to a folksy, country rock, zany time in set two.

Tickets are not yet on sale

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