The History of Ameri-Kinda Music and The Flying Salvias

They call their music "Ameri-kinda." Thoughtful chaos is fostered, genre boundaries are ignored, humor is embraced, and talent abounds, whether performing as a duo or with their band, The Flying Salvias Orkestra. Henry is well known for his expressive piano style and impressive chops, and Kathleen's voice is full of heartfelt emotional appeal whether crooning, belting, or just singing a story.

As to songwriting, their lyrics contemplate the mystery of creation, riff on Shakespeare, visit a friend in jail, compare misguided love with chameleon car paint, or swing from depression and doubt to simple joy; all while wrapped in the rhythms of beatnik jazz, swing, rock, country, folk, rhumba, samba, or whatever groove they deem appropriate at the time. This refusal to linger long in any one musical lane also holds true of the cover tune detours The Flying Salvias occasionally take.  This is Ameri-kinda!   

She is a musical gadabout. He is a musical sponge. Here is their story: 

She was in Classic Country Heaven in San Francisco. He was in Top 40 Hell in Detroit. 

She co-founds The Rayons, a new wave girl group, in 1982 and goes on to help form the original progressive metal band Holy Mary. She also becomes a founding member of the Incredible 60's Rock and Soul Review (IRS) with blues king Chris Cobb and the late great, Jo Baker (Stoneground). 

Ready to put years of playing in Detroit Top 40 bands behind him, Henry is ready for a change. He goes to San Francisco, but he does not wear flowers in his hair. He joins The Billy Band, aka The Rounders, a hugely popular local country-rock band. He gets invited to sit in with IRS, and there he meets Kathleen for the first time. 

Fast forward one year to The Hurricanes, a Blues Rock-Americana band, and the beginning of a lasting personal and musical relationship. 

We're in the early 90's by now. Following their individual muses, she joins up with Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir, and he becomes a founding member of jump-swing band, Johnny Nocturne. They both travel the world for several years.

They continue to work together, writing and recording cult favorite "Brick by Brick" for the Lego Island video game,  recording a country/pop/blues/rock/gospel CD entitled,  "Kathy N. Right - Long Way Around”, and forming The Ray Price Club, with steel player Joe Goldmark and their beloved friend, Kathi Kamen Goldmark. "Older Than Him (The Slut Song)" is written and recorded by the Kath Sisters (Kathleen and Kathi) and popularized by author rock band, The Rock Bottom Remainders (Amy Tan, Stephen King, Dave Barry). Both Kathleen and Henry record with David Bromberg Band alumni John Firmin and yet another late great, mandolinist Dick Fejy, on "The Firmin-Fejy Sessions." Somewhere during all this, the 21st century arrives. 

In 2005, Henry joins high octane Americana group Houston Jones  (now known as The Jones Gang) in that time recording 7 CDs, the latest Jones Gang CD being released in 2017. 

In 2013 The Flying Salvias release "Curious Bling," followed by "The Nature of Things" in 2017. Both CDs are available on their website, and by digital download and/or streaming from the usual suspects such as Spotify and You Tube. "The Nature of Things" received airplay from over 150 non-commercial radio stations across the United States. They are currently at work on their next release.