Kathleen’s got a set of pipes that can go from torch to sweet little charmer. Henry’s skill on keys and accordion defines jaw-dropping.”

— Jean Bartlett, Pacifica Tribune, March 29 2017

The Flying Salvias - short bio

The Flying Salvias are a piano/vocal duo, frequently joined by special guests on instruments ranging from guitar, to pedal steel, fiddle, mandolin, and even cello, as well as bass and drums. Their signature Ameri-kind-uh music blends country, pop, blues, beatnik jazz, swing, and old hippy, though not usually all in the same song. Playing songs they wrote and songs they wish they wrote, you can hear them coast side at Pacifica’s Chit Chat Café, and the San Gregorio General Store. A CD, “The Nature of Things” was released in August of 2017, and has received air play on over 150 non-commercial radio stations. Read Full Bio Here...

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