All About Henry's Hidewawy

Henry's Hideaway will be officially released mid-July!  Meanwhile, we have pre-release downloads from this website.   We'll be playing the album at Bird & Beckett  in SF on July 13 with Ken Owen on drums and Alex Baum on bass. Later in the year, on September 21 at Mildred Owen Concert Hall in Pacifica, we'll be doing a dual record release party for Henry's Hideaway and Ameri-Kinda (which will be released in September). Meanwhile, here's a little more info about Henry's Hideaway:

We hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we did making it.  I have to admit, this is possibly the first record I've ever made where I'm actually happy (Kathleen speaking here - whoever knows what Henry is thinking!)

Peace and love,

Henry and Kathleen
The Flying Salvias

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