Yesvember, December Greetings!

Dear SageHeads - 

We have been in the recording studio quite a bit lately, and it turns out we're going to have enough to do 2 separate collections. We need 2 because it has become apparent that we have a split personality.

The Flying Salvias: Ameri-kinda will consist of just that - sort of Americana, not really roots music but country, folk, rock, old hippie influenced, with a bit of kitchen sink thrown in. 

The Flying Salvias: Henry's Hideaway will be full of tunes brushing up against jazz, old nightclub, art, and alt-cabaret (if there wasn't such a thing before, there is now!) Think of it as Act One to Henry's Hideaway: The Musical.  

The talent line up spreads out across both collections - Besides Henry and Kathleen - Alex Baum, Kent Bryson, Russ Gold, Dave Golia, Travis Jones, Mark Karan, Chris Kee, Ken Owen, David Phillips, and Glenn Pomianek, among others. Next, we're bringing in Sean Allen for a guitar spot only he can do.  There's a trio soul ballad with Kathleen, Keta Bill and Loralee Christensen that scorches the paint right off the walls, it's so hot!

Coming up this week is our first club gig up here in Sonoma County - kind of a last minute thing or I woulda told you sooner, but we'll be at Hopmonk Tavern in Sebastopol on Wednesday November 29 in the Abbey Room from 5:30 to 8:00 pm.  Initimate, fun, with Sean Allen on guitar, Dave Jess on bass and Russ Gold on traps.  Come on over!

Of course, the first Thursday of every month finds us at Roxx on Main in Martinez, which means December 7 Henry and Kathleen will be doing their Dinner Duo thing from 6 to 8 pm.

Saturday December 23 will be our holiday blowout/office Christmas party at San Gregorio Store, 2 to 5 pm.  A perfect place to celebrate the season and also to shop for some pretty creative gifts.

Hope to see you soon!  Peace to all.

Kathleen (and Henry, too)

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