Hey ho, Sageheads!  Summer beckons with its many blessings. The weather has warmed, and for the moment, we in the Bay Area seem to be free of fires and floods.  Also, all the Oxalis in the yard finally died. Lucky us!  But to make this first paragraph even remotely relate to the title, here are a few things bugging us: 

  • Apple i-phone/AT&T people do not tell you that all your photos are automatically being uploaded to the “cloud”, thereby easily pushing your data allotment over the edge. Fifty dollars later, we figured it out on our own and turned it off.  I think you might have to turn it off again after every software update, but this remains to be discovered.
  • Neither Apple or Android peeps tell you that all your photos are going somewhere outside your phone,  until they let you know they have created little videos for you that you can post on facebook. 
  • The whole idea of “the cloud” in general. Really? I need all my data and records kept somewhere out of my control for a storage fee when I have perfectly good equipment of my own to keep track of everything with more privacy and as much redundancy as I need?   
  • The clothes dryer broke 
  • Kathleen’s gluteus medius hurts like heck 

Now that the “bugs” are out of the way, June seems to be offering a number of opportunities: 

  • There is finally enough time for Kathleen to practice going from a G chord to a B sus 4.   
  • There is time to write!  A couple new titles in the works include “Too Bad to be True” and “The Crankiest Woman I Know.” 
  • We are adding some covers to our repertoire in order to sit in with some of our friends. For instance, we’ll be sitting in with Crying Time for Honky Tonk Heaven at the Parkway Lounge on Friday night, June 14.  We’re doing “I Don’t Want to Have to Marry You” (ha!) originally by Jim Ed Brown and Helen Cornelius, plus a couple others. Full Disclosure: Henry’s playing all night with this great band.  The club is at 1850 Park Blvd. in Oakland.   
  • Of course, we have our regular gig at the “clubhouse” aka San Gregorio General Store, on Saturday June 8. 
  • Don’t forget that on the 16th, we’re with Margaret Belton for her Patsy Cline tribute, “Today, Tomorrow, and Forever”, at Freight & Salvage in Berkeley. 

That’s it for now! See you soon. 

Kathleen & Henry