April Shows Her Smiling Face

There are some beautiful blossoming trees scattered all over the place here in Petaluma.  It's remarkable how the blossoms managed to hold on to the trees through the storms.  When they do let go, it looks like it is snowing.

We had a blast at our March 25 concert in Pacifica.  I think the audience did too.  Thank you to everyone who attended and helped to make the night special. And a special thanks to Maurice Tani and Mike Anderson for joining us onstage.

We've got a couple things coming up in April:

Thursday, April 6, Flying Salvias, the duo, will be dinner-showing at Roxx on Main in Martinez from 6 - 8 pm.

Sunday, April 23, the whole band, plus special guest Big Lou the Accordion Princess, will be at our home base San Gregorio Store, from 2 to 5.  It's also the day after steel player David Phillips' birthday, so come and help us give him a spanking (not a real spanking… we'll just sing to him!)  

Speaking of spankings, where the heck did that birthday tradition come from? One for every year… as if waking up each morning and getting through each day wasn't enough. Sigh.

It's Indictment Day.  Wouldn't it be nice if everyone could figure out how to behave themselves as the two sides are all mixed up together outside the courthouse?  We shall see.

Meanwhile, we with you nothing but Peace and Love,

Kathleen and Henry

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