The Flying Salvias are a piano/vocal and sometimes guitar duo, playing their signature Ameri-kind-uh music, blending country, pop, blues, beatnik jazz, swing, and old hippy, though not usually all in the same song.

The Nature of Things 

The Nature of Things is available, and just waiting for you! All original, all acoustic, all great musicians, including Henry on piano and accordion of course, Kathleen on vocals, Travis Jones on rhythm guitar, Joe Craven on mandolin and fiddle, Mike Anderson on upright bass, and Russ Gold on drums and percussion. The gorgeous cover art is by Maurice Tani, who is a fine singer-songwriter in addition to being a wowzer of a graphic artist.

Preview the songs, and download your favorites from our Music page. Hi-res DSD downloads are available at Blue Coast Music.  Add us to your Spotify and iTunes playlists! Get your own copy that you can hold in your hand at CD Baby  or better yet,  come to one of our gigs!    

And you know what?  Now is your opportunity to be a music critic. Please feel free to review the entire album or just one song. You can do this with CD Baby or any of the other websites making our music available. Also, if you email us an honest but kindly review,  we'll publish it on our Music page.

And if you want to kneel the next time you hear the National Anthem, go ahead and do that, too. Kneeling is not just for athletes. People do it in churches all the time.

See ya soon!



The new CD has arrived! It is a feast for the ears thanks to all original songs, a stellar band, and Cookie Marenco's considerable recording skills with acoustic music. It looks gorgeous, too, thanks to Maurice Tani's cover art.  "The Nature of Things" will soon be available for download or you can purchase an actual CD. It was recorded at Cookie Marenco's OTR Studios in Belmont, on 2" tape, and then mixed to digital format.  Cookie will also have a DSD version (Direct Stream Digital is a very high resolution format) available on her Blue Coast Music website.  The band is outstanding, and features Henry on piano and accordion, Travis Jones on rhythm guitar, Joe Craven on mandolin and fiddle, Mike Anderson on bass, and Russ Gold on drums and percussion. Kathleen's vocals float like a lovely biscuit swimming in a bowl of musical gravy.  Can you tell I'm hungry as I write this?

Not much else to say right now, but a ton of work to do getting CD to reviewers, radio stations, and onto streaming platforms.  Soon we will take over the world!  It would be a happy world, and everyone would have health insurance.

Thanks for your patience!  We should be able to make "The Nature of Things"  fully available in a week or so. 


June Bugs 

I have never gotten over the image of floating, dead, really big, June bugs, in the swimming pool at girl scout camp, where I went on a "camper ship" back when I was a kid.  It is highly likely they are still dead. Just a little historical perspective...

Moving on!  May was about as busy as we could get, and is staying that way for a little while.

June started off with the Los Angeles Audio Show.  Cookie Marenco invited us to be part of the Blue Coast Music entourage, along with Jenna Mammina, Valerie Joyce, Judi Jaeger & Bob Reid, Derek Jones, and a bunch of other really talented people.  We got to do live recordings in the Blue Coast room, to meet a lot of new people by the bar campfire at night, and to listen to a lot of high end stereo set ups.  

Now we're back, and on June 9, we'll be part of the back up band, along with the Jones Gang, for singer-songwriter Peter Bland's Kyrie Concert, which will also feature members of Kathleen's "choir mater"  Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir, and be a benefit for the Oakland Interfaith Youth Gospel Choir. Expect some gospel interplay, as well!

The album is just about finished. We expect to release it mid-July.  Our home base gigs at San Gregorio and Caffe Trieste will take place on June 11 and 23, respectively, and I have to say, that without the longstanding support of George Cattermole at San Gregorio and Terri Nevin at Caffe Trieste, we wouldn't have been able to hone the songs that are going to be on the record. 

James Comey just got done testifying as I wrote this.  Just a little more historical perspective...

May be, May be not, but mostly true. 

I've been thinking that the only thing I do on the Internet is flog various gigs, which is boring to me, so I can only imagine how you feel. So for a change of pace, I thought I'd see how much I can recall of The Worst Gig I Ever Played. Don't worry, you'll still get the free-form commerical at the end.

It was 1976, and I was in a band called Dallas Hodge and His Disco/Rhythm and Blues Review. This was the first band I was ever in with guys way better than me, so I was pretty stoked about the whole thing. Had a 2-piece horn section and a chick singer, as we used to say Back in the Day. Not much Disco in the Disco/Rhythm and Blues review, Average White Band, Rufus, Temptations (Shakey Ground was in the charts then) and a medly of Dancin' Fool (by The Guess Who) and Dancin' Fool (by Frank Zappa). A pretty good Funk band but not much Disco. Dallas was a young old Blues man who had bent as much as he could towards the domanant paradigm that was Disco (even in Rock City Detroit) back then. You kids today don't know how lucky you are.

Anyway, we had a gig at a place called the Underground Disco, in the basement of a hotel by the Metropolitan Detroit airport. The place was a cavern with 50' ceilings decorated by hanging silver-painted mannequin body parts (not the mannequin, just the separate heads/arms/legs/torsos) on ropes from the ceiling. Quaaludes were a hell of a drug. Probably held at least 1000 people. They had a massive sound system even for those days (back then a band would play a bar seating about 60 with a PA that would handle a room of around 500). The deal was the band would alternate with the DJ and play 2 "shows", sharing the house system.

There's a few things you may not realize if you didn't play bars in the midwest in the '70s. The first is the people who go to Underground Discos are not much fans of Funk and Soul, let alone Frank Zappa and the Guess Who, believe it or not. The other thing is that no matter how loud a live band can get, they absolutely cannot compete with a DJ setup. The dynamic range of live music guarantees that it will always be much quieter than a recording played at high volume over the same system.

So, the dance floor is full for the DJ's opening set. We get up and everyone sits down and stays there, with tepid applause that grandually fades to no applause at all. We finish up the first set by blowing the ending of Love Machine by The Miracles, which gets us a good round of laughter, along with a round of applause when Dallas announces we are taking a break. The DJ starts at a much louder volume than us and the dance floor is packed. We get back up later to a round of boos that don't stop until we quit early, which gets us our last ovation of the night along with more boos. The only time I've ever been booed off a stage. Not much fun. And I never even got one of the steak dinners from room service that Dallas charged to the promoter. My career in a nutshell.

So now the commercial. Kathleen and I are playing Fri May 5 at a benefit for the Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica in the Mildred Owen Concert Hall on-site there. We open and sit in with the headliner Wall Of Blues, who are.  Tix at

We play Sat May 13 at the San Gregorio Store at  11AM, but then Sun May 14 at the Freight & Salvage with Margaret Belton and her Patsy Cline show Today, Tomorrow and Forever. 2 shows, 3pm and 7pm. This will be a really great show, as she is amazing. We're going to see Marty Stuart at the Freight the next night, you should too. Then we have a Bueno Vino Club show at the Cannery Cafe in Hayward May 18 at 5:30 PM. Guest winemaker pouring and reallyreally good food from chef Jeff Rosen. Sun May 21 on the ocean at the Chit-Chat Cafe in Pacifica at 3pm, and Fri May 26 7pm at Caffe Trieste in Oakland on Piedmont ave.

That's our show. Goodnight everybody, and thanks.

I Remember April 

It's easier to remember something while it's happening. March is already a blur of "let's do one more take" and "is pizza OK?" (the glamorous life of recording). The new album is shaping up pretty good, though with the rhumba about evolution, midwestern tango love song to heavy equipment, and a samba about a safe space/bar we may need to change our tag line from Amerikinda to South Americana. Just need to get Joe back to sprinkle some fookin fairy dust on it (Google "troggs studio out takes" if you don't get the reference. I recommend listening if you've ever been in a band, or wondered what it's like. It's like that) and a little bondo and we're good. That's the main thing I have to remember later this month, but as the commercials say, "You're in Good Hands with Joe Craven".

By the way, this is Henry here. Kathleen usually writes these because she is the writer, but everyone gets tired of their own voice from time to time. So lucky you. I should flog the gigs in April while I'm remembering it. There's our 2 regular ones, Sun Apr 9 11AM at the San Gregorio Store in (what a coincidence) San Gregorio (10 mi south of 1/2 moon bay) and Fri Apr 28 7PM at the Caffe Trieste on Piedmont in Oakland (decent pizza, see, pizza is a fundamental part of a musician's life). I'm looking forward to Sun Apr 23 4:30 at the Bird and Beckett Bookstore in SF. This is a very cool little place that ranges from jazz to honky-tonk (Joe Goldmark and The Seducers, highly recommended) to whatever we are. We're adding David Phillips on pedal steel and Roger Pease on drums to hopefully confuse things even more.

One thing I do remember from March is don't ask a drummer to play percussion. When they say "yeah,  I play some percussion" they mean "well, I might play bongos if you hold a gun to my head" (no offense meant Russ, you did a great job on percussion. Eventually.). The other thing I remember is seeing Vince Gill and Lyle Lovett do the songwriter-in-the-round thing. Great stuff, but my favorite moment was Lyle doing "Brown Eyed Handsome Man", one of the best Chuck Berry songs you never get to hear.  Very Lyle-like and fit like a glove.

One nice thing about April is Spring, the Eternal Illusion of Hope, the thing that came out last from Pandora's Box. No matter what monsters come out, we all have an obligation to Hope. Hang on to yours, and I'll hang on to mine. See you in the funny papers.

March On 

Writing this the day after the first recording sessions for our new CD with Cookie Marenco at OTR Studios in Belmont, CA.  We are completely filled with excitement over this project!  We have assembled a seemingly magical combination of musicians to make a band that is everything we ever wanted:  Travis Jones on acoustic guitar, Joe Craven on fiddle and mandolin, Russ Gold on drums and Mike Anderson on bass.  Add that to Henry's piano and accordion, and Kathleen's vocals, and an amazing transformation is taking place to the original songs we have been playing as a duo.  It's like the kid graduating college, or finally moving out of the house, or like the songs hung around in their pajamas all day and finally got dressed, or something.  Not that the pajamas didn't have a charm of their own, of course!

Of course, we'll also be back at our favorite coffee houses and hope to see you at one of them:  March 12, 11-1, at San Gregorio, March 19, 3 -5, at Chit Chat Cafe in Manor, and March 24, 7 - 9 at the Piedmont Caffe Trieste.

Meanwhile, we march on!



Try to infuse love into every moment, foment love,  make love, create love, share love, think love, resist everything not-love!  You may've noticed there are a number of stumbling blocks right now that make it difficult to continue on as a loving person in these United States. Let us not give the beast more power by sinking to its level. Let us not muddy our hearts by getting mired in hate.  We are trying to do at least one positive thing a day, and hopefully we will all muddle through together until the sun shines on our back door again.  Kathleen here, sighing off.

Never Give Up! 

Our hope for all of us in the year ahead is that “peace, love, and understanding” be more than words in a song, and that we can all help to make it real through positive works. We Stand with Standing Rock. We Believe All Lives Matter. Music is Life. We will figure out the rest as we go.


Kathleen speaking here.  The idea of one door closing and just staying shut creeps me out.  Dark. Dead end. Lonely.  No candy. Great material for writing yet another depressing song.  Yet, here we are in mid-December, and it will be 2017 soon.  Last week of December or so, we'll get to start saying "See you next year!" to people and we'll all feel so clever. I do like that, I admit it.  Never gets old.

This month, we had the supreme joy of putting together Jingle Horse to play for Bread & Roses at the brand new San Mateo County Jail - Women's Facility, in Redwood City.  Special thanks to bass player Dave Golia, accordion princess Big Lou, and to drummer Ken Owen (who was there in spirit!).  I am not sure why I feel so very comfortable performing in jail, but that is the case.  Everyone thinks we are so nice to go there and do such a favor, but in truth, it is us players who come away with the biggest blessing. My poor soul starts out all empty and shriveled, and by the time we're done, it is fat and happy.

Friday, December 23 brings us pretty darn close to Christmas and Jingle Horse will make a rare appearance at the Caffe Trieste in Piedmont.  Think "controlled chaos".  It'll be fun.  Really good thin crust pizza, too.  

2017 holds the promise of more music, a record FOR SURE, and ... possibly demonstrations, phone calls, letters, and donations  to make sure Standing Rock stays standing, social security remains sacrosanct, and health care is available for all.  We shall see, won't we?  Meanwhile, we wish all of our friends and Sage Heads a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Good Kwaanza, and just plain old peace on earth.  Celebrate life, celebrate love, and keep shining your light!


Hello Sageheads!  

Henry and Kathleen (me)  had a blast playing at the Makeout Room last Sunday night, Oct 30, in a tribute celebrating Chuck Berry's 90th Birthday.  Our band was led by David Phillips on pedal steel, and we were joined by super-talented guitar playing gangsters Jinx Jones and Maurice Tani, with the fabulous Les James on drums and Bill Macbeath on bass.  Just didn't want to let that little bit of history go by without a mention.  All these years and I never realized the real meaning behind the words of Reeling and Rocking until I went to learn it.  I chickened out and did the original record version, which was way easier for me to say out loud!  A big thanks to Eric Moffat for putting the evening together.

Currently, Henry's getting ready to record with The Jones Gang, and then we'll do our own project, which is coming together quite nicely.  We are truly thankful for all the music that has come to us and through us since we embarked on our flight!  

So for now, here is our advice for November:

1)  Come and see us  
2)  Vote!
3) Come and see us for post-election music therapy
4) Gobble til you wobble on Thanksgiving
5) Come and see us for post-family dinner table religio-political-economic discussion musical healing. Bring the family!

Your friends,

The Flying Salvias


Moose Lodge Community Fundraiser

 —  —

Moose Lodge, 776 Bradford Way, Pacifica, CA

This is a fundraising dinner/dance for the Moose Community Fund. Cocktails at 6, dinner at 7, dancing 8 - 10. Flying Salvias will be playing dance music from left field (well this is the Left Coast!) allowing you the opportunity to try out many different dance moves, from standard swing to blues, rock & roll, country, and basic hippie freestyle. For tickets, email

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