From the recording She Don't Worry

(c)(p) 2022 Polywana Records, Flying Salvia Music BMI, Written by Kathleen and Henry Salvia
H.Salvia-keys; K.Salvia-vocal; David Phillips-pedal steel; Travis Jones-acoustic guitar; Chris Kee-bass; Ken Owen-drums.


She Don’t Worry

She don’t worry anymore
Doesn’t hurry or look for
The hidden meaning signifying
Anything at all

She loves the trees and the mountains
Falling stars, and moonlit fountains
The open road, a pretty face
She knows there is no hiding place
And she don’t worry anymore

Sun is sayin’
“Don’t be shy, you’ll always be my sky”
Big blue hips, cloudy lips
A lovers kiss
Could be like this
She don’t worry anymore

She is shining on the inside
Spin that wheel, she’ll let it all ride
There will be times when things get tough
Can’t have the smooth without the rough
And she don’t worry anymore

There’s a man in the moon chasing the sun
Around and around, they’re never done
But she don’t worry