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Written by Kathleen Enright Salvia and Henry Salvia. A fusion of middle eastern music, ukulele, dobro, pennywhistle, acoustic guitar, hand drums, triangle, and spoken word.

Kathleen Salvia, vocal
Henry Salvia, ukulele, triangle
Glenn Pomianek, guitar
David Phillips, dobro
Sam Barry, penny whistle
Paul Olguin, zik
Travis Jones, Ken Owen, Peter Tucker - hand drums


Things That Bug Me

Chorus: Things that bug me Things that bug / me 4x

Advertising, Baking Hens, Billionaire Bailouts
Birth Defects, BIG Pharma, Baaad KARMA
Corporate greed, Cannibal feed, Coughing on the bus
Dirty laundry, Doing laundry, Dirty Deeds for US


Extreme positions, Fanatacisms, Economic Warfare
Fox News, Food glues, Fighting over Healthcare
Genocide, Gill nets ,Guns/ Hypocrisy
Importing Cheap From China/ Infidelity
Interest only Loans, Jihad, too much Killing
Licensing for seats, Lobbying, Managed care billing


Narcotics that I cannot get, the absence of a safety net
Outsourcing, Piracy, invasion of my Privacy
Plaaaaaanned obsolescence!
Uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh,
I’d like a Private jet
Political Polarities, Pay TV realities
Too many darn P’s!
Quarrels Quarrels Quarrels!
Radical insurgence, Styrofoam peanuts!
Spamming Phishing Spoofing Smishing
Oh no oh no oh no oh no
Back door Trojans!


Unmalleable stances, Upside down finances
Violence , Virulence, Vulgarian pretenses
Warring in the Lord’s name, Water in my ears
Whaling for science, The Word …..No!
Xe-no-pho-bi-a, Xerooooooosis!
YammeringYappy little doggie things
Zealotry and finally
Funding for zymosis