1. Curious Bling

What is “curious bling” you might ask? It is the golden thread of knowledge, it is the shining path the seekers follow, it’s a strangely attractive and dazzling puzzle. It is the necklace of light round the neck of the night.

Written by Kathleen Enright Salvia and Henry Salvia

Kathleen Salvia, vocal
Henry Salvia, piano
Glenn Houston, guitar
Paul Olguin, bass
Ken Owen, drums


Curious Bling

The stars sweep by in a blur
Like a necklace of light round the neck of the night
Adorning a silky black shoulder

She strikes an indifferent pose
While she coldly surveys the uncountable days
Collecting the things that she knows

Know, know, we know one thing
We don’t know, what we don’t know
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Curious Bling, Curious Bling

So tired, she sighs to the winds
Setting everything right, errant wings take flight
The graceless, cold questions forgiven

If something comes from nothing,
Where did nothing come from?
If there was nothing once,
Can it be that way again?
If it can be that way again,
Is it beginning or is it ending?

The thing will finally ring
Round opposite poles, the circle will close
Crooning answers to all who would listen