1. Not a Prayer

From The Recordings Html

Words and music by Kathleen Enright Salvia and Henry Salvia/Flying Salvia Music/BMI


Not a Prayer

Holy Father, this is not a prayer, but I have a question, and I know you’re out there
I’m not sure I can take the answer, or even if you care, so this is kind of a dare
I’m so desperate to know, and you’re the one running the show, What do you think? What’s happening?
Are we on the brink? Does this even make you blink?
Just tell me… how are things going?

People on the road, on every side, all sticking it out, looking for a ride
In Your Holy Name, however they call you, and in their ear, only they can hear
The message they think you sent, to proselytize intolerance, is that really what you meant?
I wouldn’t blame you not one bit
If you’re considering…getting it over with

Oh, won’t it be fine, when it’s Armageddon time
There’s room for everyone, nobody has to wait in line
It’s the first and last annual, one time only, stay home from school
Whatever happened to the Golden Rule? Let’s All Go See God Day

I don’t want to seem too obvious, or bring you down, but this is serious
One guy’s good is another guy’s bad, is another guy’s good is the other guy’s bad
The whole thing is, just really sad,
I don’t get it I never will , how people use your name to kill,
Is there one war in history, without religiousity?
They all claim you’re on their side…I just don’t get it.

Is this just one big experiment? Is it working? Are you angry yet?
I know by now sometimes the answer never comes, and that’s the answer
Oh, come on Lord, you can tell me, we can work it out certainly, it’ll be fun, without a doubt
I can’t ask the people, I’m talking about,
They’d probably try …to kill me


Are we going to hell in a basket? I’ll never know, if I don’t ask it
Do you think that you could send a sign? Anything, it be would be divine!
One last thing, I’m curious, what do you think your mom would say If she was standing here today?
Would she take that wine right off the table?
Would she wish you never left that stable?
Wouldn’t she be furious?