The Nature of Things

The Nature of Things is available, and just waiting for you! All original, all acoustic, all great musicians, including Henry on piano and accordion of course, Kathleen on vocals, Travis Jones on rhythm guitar, Joe Craven on mandolin and fiddle, Mike Anderson on upright bass, and Russ Gold on drums and percussion. The gorgeous cover art is by Maurice Tani, who is a fine singer-songwriter in addition to being a wowzer of a graphic artist.

Preview the songs, and download your favorites from our Music page. Hi-res DSD downloads are available at Blue Coast Music.  Add us to your Spotify and iTunes playlists! Get your own copy that you can hold in your hand at CD Baby  or better yet,  come to one of our gigs!    

And you know what?  Now is your opportunity to be a music critic. Please feel free to review the entire album or just one song. You can do this with CD Baby or any of the other websites making our music available. Also, if you email us an honest but kindly review,  we'll publish it on our Music page.

And if you want to kneel the next time you hear the National Anthem, go ahead and do that, too. Kneeling is not just for athletes. People do it in churches all the time.

See ya soon!