Kathleen speaking here.  The idea of one door closing and just staying shut creeps me out.  Dark. Dead end. Lonely.  No candy. Great material for writing yet another depressing song.  Yet, here we are in mid-December, and it will be 2017 soon.  Last week of December or so, we'll get to start saying "See you next year!" to people and we'll all feel so clever. I do like that, I admit it.  Never gets old.

This month, we had the supreme joy of putting together Jingle Horse to play for Bread & Roses at the brand new San Mateo County Jail - Women's Facility, in Redwood City.  Special thanks to bass player Dave Golia, accordion princess Big Lou, and to drummer Ken Owen (who was there in spirit!).  I am not sure why I feel so very comfortable performing in jail, but that is the case.  Everyone thinks we are so nice to go there and do such a favor, but in truth, it is us players who come away with the biggest blessing. My poor soul starts out all empty and shriveled, and by the time we're done, it is fat and happy.

Friday, December 23 brings us pretty darn close to Christmas and Jingle Horse will make a rare appearance at the Caffe Trieste in Piedmont.  Think "controlled chaos".  It'll be fun.  Really good thin crust pizza, too.  

2017 holds the promise of more music, a record FOR SURE, and ... possibly demonstrations, phone calls, letters, and donations  to make sure Standing Rock stays standing, social security remains sacrosanct, and health care is available for all.  We shall see, won't we?  Meanwhile, we wish all of our friends and Sage Heads a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Good Kwaanza, and just plain old peace on earth.  Celebrate life, celebrate love, and keep shining your light!