No Answer So Far

Well, kiddies, it's been six weeks since I wrote to Sir Paul. So far, no answer. But I will not give up hope.  I'm sure he'll get to it any day now.  And in the meantime, there are songs to be written and gigs to be played. 

Been trying to write happy songs in major keys.  It is SOOOOO much easier to write complainers and wry observations.  It is amazing how long it can take to write a love song.  Like, a line a day.  I'm trying to keep a positive attitude, and use major happy chords.  Still, I cannot stray far from the minor chords.  But what love story doesn't have a minor chord or two or three pop up over the years?

June is half way done and July is knocking at the door. There are lots of interesting things coming up:  San Gregorio Store, Chit Chat Cafe (Pacifica),  our first gigs at Armando's  (Martinez) and Ocean Alehouse (SF). Both Flying Salvias will also be backing up the fantastic Margaret Belton at the Freight & Salvage (Berkeley).

Then there is the Sausalito Presbyterian Church British Invasion Sing-A-Long; we've done a couple of these (The Great Folk Scare, Summer of Love), and it is such a blast to have a whole hall of people uninhibitedly singing to all the songs. The Sing-A-Long is a community event, you don't have to be a member of the church, and words are provided. It's a pot luck, too, in the true sense of community connectedness.

All these gigs, except Margaret Belton at the Freight, are FREE. 

Look for us at Kate Wolf Festival.  Henry will be playing with The Jones Gang. Kathleen will be flitting about.

See you soon!

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