How Did We Get to February Already? 

January was a very stretchy month for Kathleen:  Just coming off recording with The Sound Field for their new CD, and playing with the Nasty Women & Bad Hombres.  First time I ever played guitar on other people’s songs, in a band, and also without Henry.  My new sisters, Nasty Women singer-songwriters Deb Grabien and Lauren Murphy are truly inspiring, empowering, and most of all, fun, to work with. And the Bad Hombres aren’t so bad either in that respect: we had Mark Karan on guitar, Larry Luthi on drums, and Nic Grabien on bass.  It was a blast!   

I’m sure Henry was off doing interesting stuff too, but I forget what.  I can remember as far back as an hour ago, though, when he left the house to go rehearse with multi-instrumentalist Jenny Kerr, who is also a fine singer-songwriter. Also, later his week he’ll be recording with Myles Boisen. 

Anyway, we’re busy! But we will finally make it back at the Chit Chat in Pacifica on Friday, Feb 1, 7:30 p.m.  The next weekend we’ll be back on the coast Saturday, Feb 9, playing at San Gregorio in the morning and with a full band at the Moose Lodge in Pacifica that evening. 

In March we look forward to the Jones Gang Presents Mad Dogs & Englishmen show.  The band will swell to at least 12 people, including me, Loralee Christensen, and Annie Sampson on backup vocals.  It is going to be a hoot, March 9 at Rancho Nicasio! 

Meanwhile, life goes on, with all its petty differences, major annoyances, moments of unadulterated joy, happiness, frustration, and just plain hate.  We are a strange species.  And though I gag at the thought of fake news, and rue the insidious internet plantings of lies as truth, I recently gleaned one  piece of solid advice, that is working pretty well so far:  Act kinder than you feel! 



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