The past year has been both challenging and rewarding, and we hope it went the same way for you.  Coming up, we're planning on dressing up the duo with special guests as often as possible, and we can promise some very fun engagements for everyone involved, no matter what side of the bandstand you're sitting on.  Our gigs for the first six months of 2018 will have us ranging about  from a night of sharing with our fellow Brisbane artists, to our favorite home base at San Gregorio General Store, our Pacifica HQ at the Chit Chat Cafe, the fantastic Byrd & Beckett Books & Records in SF, the Pacifica Earth Day Celebration at Linda Mar Beach, and even a fundraiser for the Strong Second Chance Ranch in Petaluma, which helps rehab horses and find new homes for them.  We wish you all a year of peace and love, and if you can't find those things, then perhaps a good stiff drink!

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