The Flying Salvias and Keta Bill just got home from playing at a birthday party for a 112 year old woman.  Amazing lady with a great group of family and friends!   

Sunday, Henry and Kathleen celebrate their 28th wedding anniversary.

The Smart Car has over 100,000 miles on it.  

Numbers mark everything, but it is the time between that is so precious, remembered, savored, wasted, suffered through, and/or forgotten.  Is that not so, my friends?  

We spent 4 days at the Rodney Crowell Adventures in Songwriting Camp.  This could be said to fall in the category of "suffered through", but we didn't come away completely uneducated or uninspired.  As  result, our collaborating skills have improved and we're getting pretty fearless at self-editing. (That means we can talk to each other without wanting to kill the other songwriter or ourself and are now more capable of taking our favorite, most precious couplet, and throwing it in the garbage.)  Also discovered youngster/genius player Joe Robinson, a definite guy to pay attention to. A heck of a player, and his songwriting is not too shabby, either.  He's out of Nashville via Australia.  Practicing what we learned meant that "The Road" has been mercilessly slashed of non essentials and refreshed with additional, more concise lyrics.  You will hear it soon!  It's still depressing as hell, but it's a better class of depression.

There's not a lot going on for us this month, except Henry is getting his wish and playing for a lot of different people. Frequently!  Meanwhile, we'll be at our clubhouse in San Gregorio and also debut at The Fireside Lounge, in Alameda.

See all ya'all soon!



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