Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

Oh, how I wish that song were not still so absolutely relevant.  When will we ever learn?  What have we ever learned?  I'm learning to keep my mouth shut if I want any peace, which somehow seems wrong, being as this is a country where free speech is almost as important as the right to bear arms or for boys to be boys.  Yes. I am angry!  The polarization in this country is breaking my heart. Are these the growing pains of democracy or its death throes?  Sad to say, I am really glad I don't have any children to leave this mess to.

Far more erudite and intelligent friends have been writing about our condition today.  So I'll stop now. I figured it was safe to vent a little here since no one reads these blogs anyway.  Therefore the danger of starting a flaming war is minimal.  Test, test, is anyone out there?

Come to our gigs.  It will be fun.  We will create a concentrated area of peace, love, and understanding.

Sunday October 21, 11 - 1 pm, San Gregorio, no cover, all ages.  Trio with Jerry Kuhel.

Friday October 26, 8 - 10 pm, Armando's in Martinez, $15, doors at 7:30 pm. Quintet with Diana Greenberg,  Dave Golia, Ken Owen.


Kathleen Flying Salvia