Letter to Paul McCartney

Hi everybody - This is the letter I am sending to Paul McCartney. I figure it has as much a chance of Paul seeing it here as it does of making it past his gatekeepers. Will keep you posted!

Dear Sir Paul: 

I’m getting caught up on my correspondence and realized that I never received a response to the letter and handmade poetry/doodle book I sent to The Beatles 51 years ago.   

In an effort to bring you up-to-date, I learned to stop screaming at your shows after the first time I saw The Beatles at the Cow Palace in San Francisco and realized that none of you were going to stop playing, scream my name back at me, stop the concert, invite me backstage, or hug me to death. Also, I couldn’t hear a note through the din of all those other hussies in the audience. 

I next had the sort of pleasure of being in a seat very close to the field when The Beatles played their last show at Candlestick Park.  This time I was not screaming, just breathlessly waiting to be transported by your music. Then, there you all were:  being escorted out to a no man’s land on the field, completely separated from your audience. In retrospect, it was so sad that it had come to that.  None of us knew then that it would be the last Beatles concert for us.

Lots of water under the bridge since then.  Many more concerts where the sound was superb, and Sir Paul McCartney and his music delivered inspiration, provided an education on fine musicianship and showmanship, and was just a ton of fun. Of course, your own closing concert at the Stick definitely showed how far concert production, from every aspect, has come in the intervening years.  Thanks for getting the ball rolling on that so many years ago! 

I guess I could say it is your fault I am still making music myself after all these years.  The Beatles planted the seed.  Of course, back in those days, music wasn’t really the seed I wanted planted, but it has worked out much better this way for all of us, I’m sure!   

Today, my husband Henry and I write and perform as The Flying Salvias and have produced a few CDs over the past 20+ years.  We call it “Ameri-kinda” music. Besides that, we both leave behind a trail strewn with old publicity shots and band recordings from country to heavy metal.  

We’re not sending you our music, a video, or asking you to produce our next record.  (Not that we don’t want you to!)  However, I would be really stupid not to point out the website and contact information provided here just in case you get curious or want to send comps and all access passes to your next show.  

With thanks for your music and for the positive energy you have put into this world, 

Kathleen Salvia