Hello Sageheads! 

November already. It’s amazing how fast time goes by these days.  Couldn’t wait to turn 18… it seemed like time dragged on and on.  Now, there’s a lot more sand in the bottom of the hourglass than in the top of it. Dunes and dunes of it to be slogged through in the quiet moments, all while new little grains of memories trickle down relentlessly.  Which brings me to this month’s subject, which was supposed to be Karma.  But since last month, I have been distracted by the theory of what happens when Mercury goes in to its retrograde phase. I have become convinced the two concepts are irrevocably tangled up with each other. 

         Karma:  The sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. It is a Hindu belief in cause and effect.  It is a Christian’s idea of “going to their reward”  (or not).  For some of us, Karma is another name for “the Brownie Point System.” 

        Mercury in Retrograde:  An optical illusion that makes the planet appear to be moving backward from where we view it here on earth.  Side effects include wreaking havoc on communications, technology, information, and pretty much illustrating how when men make plans God laughs.    It lasts for almost 3 months a year. It’s going on now.   

Theory:  Karma and the shenanigans of Mercury in Retrograde are attracted to each other, like iron to a magnet, like a moth to a flame, like a fallen apple to the ground. 

Example: Recently,  I tried to do a good deed.  I picked up someone who lives a couple hours away, brought him back to the Bay Area for the night, then got up very early the next morning to take that someone to a doctor’s appointment. We check in and confusion is rampant. I have the email confirmation of the appointment in my smartphone which I wave around a lot, just to prove I am not crazy. We are informed that the computer should not have let us make the appointment, but that the doctor wants us to come back in February, which they would have told us about next January.  This is a classic example of communication gone awry. It was not the fault of any individual.  It was the retrograde ghost in the machine, apparently. 

Conclusion:  It can be especially risky to do any good deeds during this time, as the chance of something screwing up is high. It would follow then, that this is the time to plan your bad deeds, as they could likely turn out to be good. 

Question: Will I get Brownie points for the attempted good deed or was the failed appointment a punishment for maybe missing a few appointments in previous lives? 

Plan for the Future:  Come and see us and we’ll discuss.  Saturday Nov 9 at San Gregorio, Saturday November 23 as part of the special Nasty Women and Bad Hombres show at Tiburon Wine, and Sunday December 1 at the new-to-us and very cool Amado’s, in San Francisco.