June Bugs

I have never gotten over the image of floating, dead, really big, June bugs, in the swimming pool at girl scout camp, where I went on a "camper ship" back when I was a kid.  It is highly likely they are still dead. Just a little historical perspective...

Moving on!  May was about as busy as we could get, and is staying that way for a little while.

June started off with the Los Angeles Audio Show.  Cookie Marenco invited us to be part of the Blue Coast Music entourage, along with Jenna Mammina, Valerie Joyce, Judi Jaeger & Bob Reid, Derek Jones, and a bunch of other really talented people.  We got to do live recordings in the Blue Coast room, to meet a lot of new people by the bar campfire at night, and to listen to a lot of high end stereo set ups.  

Now we're back, and on June 9, we'll be part of the back up band, along with the Jones Gang, for singer-songwriter Peter Bland's Kyrie Concert, which will also feature members of Kathleen's "choir mater"  Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir, and be a benefit for the Oakland Interfaith Youth Gospel Choir. Expect some gospel interplay, as well!

The album is just about finished. We expect to release it mid-July.  Our home base gigs at San Gregorio and Caffe Trieste will take place on June 11 and 23, respectively, and I have to say, that without the longstanding support of George Cattermole at San Gregorio and Terri Nevin at Caffe Trieste, we wouldn't have been able to hone the songs that are going to be on the record. 

James Comey just got done testifying as I wrote this.  Just a little more historical perspective...

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