March On

Writing this the day after the first recording sessions for our new CD with Cookie Marenco at OTR Studios in Belmont, CA.  We are completely filled with excitement over this project!  We have assembled a seemingly magical combination of musicians to make a band that is everything we ever wanted:  Travis Jones on acoustic guitar, Joe Craven on fiddle and mandolin, Russ Gold on drums and Mike Anderson on bass.  Add that to Henry's piano and accordion, and Kathleen's vocals, and an amazing transformation is taking place to the original songs we have been playing as a duo.  It's like the kid graduating college, or finally moving out of the house, or like the songs hung around in their pajamas all day and finally got dressed, or something.  Not that the pajamas didn't have a charm of their own, of course!

Of course, we'll also be back at our favorite coffee houses and hope to see you at one of them:  March 12, 11-1, at San Gregorio, March 19, 3 -5, at Chit Chat Cafe in Manor, and March 24, 7 - 9 at the Piedmont Caffe Trieste.

Meanwhile, we march on!