Hello Sageheads!  

Henry and Kathleen (me)  had a blast playing at the Makeout Room last Sunday night, Oct 30, in a tribute celebrating Chuck Berry's 90th Birthday.  Our band was led by David Phillips on pedal steel, and we were joined by super-talented guitar playing gangsters Jinx Jones and Maurice Tani, with the fabulous Les James on drums and Bill Macbeath on bass.  Just didn't want to let that little bit of history go by without a mention.  All these years and I never realized the real meaning behind the words of Reeling and Rocking until I went to learn it.  I chickened out and did the original record version, which was way easier for me to say out loud!  A big thanks to Eric Moffat for putting the evening together.

Currently, Henry's getting ready to record with The Jones Gang, and then we'll do our own project, which is coming together quite nicely.  We are truly thankful for all the music that has come to us and through us since we embarked on our flight!  

So for now, here is our advice for November:

1)  Come and see us  
2)  Vote!
3) Come and see us for post-election music therapy
4) Gobble til you wobble on Thanksgiving
5) Come and see us for post-family dinner table religio-political-economic discussion musical healing. Bring the family!

Your friends,

The Flying Salvias