April Thoughts

Hey Sageheads!  Time for a little history.  People always want to know who you sound like.  You always want to say, "I sound like myself".  But the truth is, we all have influences.  Sometimes you can hear them in our music, sometimes.... not so much.  But there is a time for all of us when we're finding our way, with just the spark of desire to perform, and very few tools.

I had my first solo in elementary school Glee Club... "It won't be a stylish marriage", then Michael Calderoli answered, "I can't afford a carriage". In high school, I auditioned for the Saint Ignatius musical, and I was so green I didn't even know I had to have a song to sing.  I think I ended up doing Silent Night.  Pitiful.  Very kind Jesuit.  Did not get the part.

It took Tracy Nelson to get me to find my voice.  Also one tab of acid.  I kid you not.  I was happily sitting back, listening to "Down So Low" when the next thing I knew I was crooning away in Tracy-tones.  True!  Spent the next several years trying not to sound like her, but I will never forget the moment that an actual beautiful sound came out of me.  I do not recommend this method!!!  All acid trips are not alike and sometimes they involve you thinking people are bringing you to the nuthouse, when actually, you are merely going out to dinner.

That's all for today.  We'll get something from Henry next, and continue the road down memory lane until we get to real time.

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