March is coming in like a lion...

Hello Sageheads!

Lots going on next week, and we hope you'll make it to either the Service League Benefit in Redwood City on Thursday March 3 (good way to get a tour of a jail without being booked and also do some good at the same time); the Sanchez Art Center Opening Reception in Pacifica on Friday March 4; or our home away from home gig at San Gregorio Store on Sunday March 5.

We're continuing to try to figure out how to best define our music, and the answers are coming in.  In some cases, no answer is the answer.  We may have to change our name to "The Sybils".  Or to begin separating out our various types of songs into projects.  So far, we have "Henry's Hideaway.... the Musical", "Pop Goes the Jazzle" and we're working on a name for our Americana personality.  Any suggestions?  Send us an email if you don't want to go through the comment process below. 

See you soon!